This is an information only website for investors in the reboot of Hazaribagbazaar in Jharkhand. This website, after being populated with unique products from the global home markets creates significant revenues ‘quickly & cheaply’;  therefore greatly reducing the cash-burn rate of the investment.

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Pure Energy

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Nuts & Dry Fruits


Chinese Noodles, 68g

Rs. 15 No Offer

Wheat Pasta, 500g

Rs. 90 No Offer

Yippee Noodles, 65g

Rs. 15 No Offer

Fortune Oil, 5L

Rs. 550 No Offer

Saffola Gold, 1L

Rs. 130 No Offer

Freedom Oil, 1L

Rs. 106 Save Rs. 4


Rs. 146 No Offer


Rs. 150 No Offer


Rs. 245 Save Rs. 5

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